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Bad days in Wall Street

REPCO, a Hi Score company, is our line of traditional lighting. REPCO represents an aggressive step in capturing a significant market share in the multibillion dollar halogen lighting market.

This product line is the result of extensive research by Corporate Excellence Consulting and a great demand by clients to provide a solution to all their lighting needs. REPCO lighting is designed to meet the non-LED and non-CFL lighting market demands and is composed of traditional light bulbs and fixtures at very competitive prices.

"Although our aim is to continue the rapid growth of our LED deployment, halogen lights will continue to be around for many years and we want our shareholders to benefit from the current market as well as the ever expanding LED market," said Michael Zoyes, Hi Score President. "This line is a direct result of the demand from our existing LED clients requiring a one-stop shop for all their lighting needs. Now we have a complete line of product to meet these needs."

Last Updated on Monday, 06 September 2010 16:47